My artwork featured on the cover of the October/November 2016 issue of Professional Artist magazine.


Light Reactive Paintings

I'm a mixed-media artist exploring circles and Thin Spaces, where science and spirituality blur into one. 

I use Light as a medium, along with acrylic, sand, salt, crushed glass, sea shells, garnet, quartz, candle wax, cinnamon... I'm openminded. Each painting is meditative, and changes appearance throughout the day, season, and year. My art is also phosphorescent and will continue to glow for over 12 hours into the night.

Why circles? Atoms, molecules, planets and stars, the cycles of time, and the universe itself all exist within a circle, radiating outward, with no beginning or end. In Zen, every circle is unique, and can be seen as the fingerprint of the artist who created it. Some hold that a Zen circle is the depiction of enlightenment itself.

I am inspired by stars, sunsets, tropical beaches, humidity, coloring books, crayons, glo-worms and lite-brites, the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, Jules Verne, The Science Channel, geology, ancient technology and civilizations, astronomy, sacred geometry, spirituality, stained glass windows, sea glass, telescopes, down-tempo music, wisdom, rainbows, fireflies, water and light.

Here I am on Hang Time with Jack Conte and Taryn Arnold:

 Here's a glimpse into the last art show I hosted before finding Patreon:


Here I am on IntoConnection, an international show based in Holland, connecting vloggers around the world:

Here's some boring, official, old-school stuff in case you were super interested. ;)


A Light in the Dark - 4 Elements Gallery - 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

Studio C - 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

Studio C - 2011 - Los Angeles, CA

The Rebel Unit - 2010 - Santa Ana, CA

William Meire Gallery - 2009 - Laguna Beach, CA

Townley Fine Art - 2007 - Laguna Beach, CA



Twitter Art Exhibit - Exhale Unlimited Gallery - 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

4 Elements Gallery - 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

The Rebel Unit - 2010 - Orange County, CA

The Happening Gallery - 2010 - Santa Monica, CA

Buena Park City Hall - 2008 - Orange County, CA

Immersion Art Festival - 2006 - Orange County, CA



The Rising Sun - 2005 - Orange County, CA


Creative Director 2003-2007

Organized weekly, monthly, and seasonal events with an artistic and cultural emphasis for large audiences. - Capo Beach, CA