Looking Up (at night) . 36x24 . 2006

1. natural/artificial lighting
2. artificial and uv lighting combined
3. uv lighting only
4. no light (glow in the dark!)

Whereas my last painting focused on sun and moon imagery, this one is based on planets. Specifically, what you would "see" if you looked up at the night sky. After I began this one, we watched a show that debated how many planets were really in our solar system, and whether or not Pluto can actually be considered a planet.

Ah well.

I used a lot of texture again, I think because I couldn't imagine "space" being flat. I used a few new techniques for creating darkness, which I think works better than what I was doing before.

In the daytime, near a window, the painting is actually very bright and colorful, but at night under artificial light, it looks much darker. I love how it changes in different lighting. It actually changes with the time of day, which is awesome since I created it to be a "nighttime" painting.

(UPDATE 11/07: I've added my super high quality glow paints to this piece. The stars will glow for HOURS now! Hooray!)