Summer! . 24x36 . 2006

(*shown in both normal and blacklight.)

This one makes me happy. :o) I called it "Summer!" because that's how I felt about the world in early June before global warming gave us the worst deadly hot summer I've been through since living on a desert commune 15 years ago. Ick. June was a beautiful month. Everything was clear.

I think this was a bit of backlash from my previous painting, which was heavy on texture and complexity. I also wanted to see how quickly I could complete a large painting, since Thin Space took such a long time. I finished it in 2 weeks. It would have gone even quicker if the sun hadn't started melting the paint when I was out on the balcony.

I really love the "shine" effect on this one, which unfortunately looks spectacular in person, but doesn't seem to photograph well.

On the other hand, I'm still improving my photography, so perhaps I can replace the image soon.

This is my personal favorite. So far, of course.