Thin Space . 30x40 . 2006

(*shown in both normal light and blacklight)

This one was complicated. I spent a lot of time doing sketches (something new for me) beforehand. I knew it would be important to get the design down correctly before transferring anything to the canvas. This was the first time I was able to work on such a large piece - 30x40! I barely had room in my tiny apartment to paint it. In the Celtic tradition, "Thin Spaces" are places where the spiritual and the natural world intersect. I wanted to create something that was without particular direction, something very interpretive. I've gotten a lot of positive response on this one. I really wanted to make something elegant. I learned a lot from this piece, and it really opened my mind up to possibilities of future paintings. I love how it looks in blacklight. Actually, it looks best with both blacklight and regular light on at the same time. Kind of like it's glowing from within. I am very happy that I get to visit it often. It looks stunning hanging above my friend's fireplace. She says she often meditates to it, which is possibly the highest compliment I've ever received on anything in my life.

I can't get a good picture of it with the lights off, but in total darkness it looks like a field of stars. I never expected to create paintings that look good in utter blackness, but I'm completely satisfied with the result.

In truth, I think the concept of 'Thin Spaces' represents most, if not all, of my work.