Warming . 24"x36" . 2006

*shown in normal light (top), both normal and black light (middle), and just black light (bottom).

It also glows in the dark.

Ultraviolet, which really means "beyond violet," refers to the spectrum of light not normally visible to the human eye. It doesn't mean it's not there. It just means we can't see it. There are many colors that are only visible under UV light, often found in things like minerals, and on the feathers of birds. I don't really feel that I should be bound by such things as "the visable spectrum" either, and I enjoy using ALL the colors when I do art. I feel it has a much broader sense of completeness.

Seeing how different lighting drastically enhances the color of the painting is intrinsic for me in the process of creating it. Since I spend most of the creating-time in normal lighting conditions, I too feel surprised each time I turn the blacklight on. It feels more like it changes with you, living and breathing throughout the day. Even though I can't see it glow in broad daylight, knowing that it will once night falls is interesting to me. It's as though the painting itself has something more to offer you.

I challenged myself with this piece, by attempting a very "red" painting. (My most difficult color.) I was also interested in doing something without as many intersecting lines and circles as I normally tend towards. It really strengthened my color and design skills (I think). I will definitely feel more confident using warm colors in the future, and I think it ultimately improves my work to constantly be doing things I find difficult.

Lots of exciting things are happening. 2007 will be even better than 2006.

I'm just gettin' warmed up.