(combined UV and normal light)

This is a little 12x16 side-project I did at Christmas. It had been so many different things by that point, I couldn't even remember what inspired the design. I was determined to finish it, just so I could stop thinking about it. One day, I decided to paint it black and start a new idea. I'd never done a painting in one day before. I was doing it more as a holiday activity than anything else. I had been reading up on solar flares and the resulting auroras a lot that month, and it was really affecting my wintery visions. (I'm such a science geek.)

One of the strongest mental images I have from that wonderful blizzard in Big Bear I was in a couple of years ago was how bright the night was because of the snow. The whole world for miles around was glowing blue, and the moonlight was nearly blinding. Snow is magical.

Interestingly, my paintings are very bright and colorful right now, and I'm wanting to experiment with more "light." I'm using really bold, contrasting colors. I like experiencing how the season is affecting my inspiration. It makes me feel like an artist.