Can I get a karma boost with that?

(thanks Ben)

Today, I'm hanging many of my pieces at Karma Juice. They will be on display and available for sale through June 15th.

The party (which you're all invited to) will be 3 weeks from today, on April 22nd. It will go from 2-4pm, and I'm told that those in attendance will benefit from a nice discount on Karma Juice products!

Karma Juice is located @ 33621 Del Obispo in Dana Point, California. Funny thing, I used to live right down the street from there.

Yes, I will be posting better pictures of the paintings. Later. Until then, some titles: Tilt, Daydream, Orbit, Tao, Morning, Artifact, In Between, Aurora....

Titles. Not nearly as exciting as pictures.

There will also be some paintings available that you've seen before. I'm really happy about the minor improvements I made on Da kine. It looks way better.