Symmetry . 48"x30" . 2007

1. normal lighting
2. normal and uv lighting combined
3. uv lighting only
4. no light (glow)

It would be silly for me to state that I find circles fascinating.

This concept is one I've explored before. Eight circles of exactly the same size come together to form what looks like a flower shape in the center (and ninth) circle of it's size. It was nearly impossible to paint out the circles without disastrous errors. So many tiny dots! I began with the intention of making a very red painting, however, as it progressed, I felt drawn to bring out the deep, rich, merlot-like colors. It just felt more passionate than basic red.

I am most proud of what the painting looks like with no light on it whatsoever. Whoever eventually owns this piece will get to see this any time they pass by it during the night. Sometimes my paintings actually guide my way if I ever get up and walk through the apartment without turning a light on.

This painting proved to be one of the more mind-bending experiences I've had with art. I have completed so many different pieces already this year. I'm enjoying it a lot, don't get me wrong. I just feel like I'm swimming in paint. I'm currently preparing for a summer gallery opening, 2 hangings at small businesses before that, and a few side pieces to sell in between. The next 2 months will be devoted to completing my overall collection of larger pieces to show and sell. It is now mid April, and I have officially begun feeling sensations of "drowning" in my art. I remember wondering what this period would feel like to me.
So, it's interesting that I completed Symmetry when I did. It was more technically difficult than my last big piece, used more paint and materials than I'm used to, and took way more time to complete than I anticipated. I utilized the opportunity to improve my concentration and planning. Painting is always very meditative for me, and this period in my life needed some extra consideration. I enjoyed a very real sense of self-discipline. Who knew that could happen?