Embracing new ideas...

So, in my mad, frenzied painting schedule lately, I've come to realize that I'd like to start trying some new ideas soon. I've had a few interesting ones pop up, and I feel sort of drawn to test new waters. I'm sure to everyone but me, it won't end up looking different at all. After I've completed my current obligations, I'll see what I feel like painting then.

I'm envisioning imagery and colors that are distinct from my usual leanings. Nothing terribly drastic (like a series of brown & red triangles) but the colors I'm seeing in my head just feel new to me.

I get bored very easily, and need change in my schedule in order to find it interesting. I certainly wouldn't want my paintings to look the same for all eternity either. Personally, I'm embracing any new inspiration I have, as it's a sign of growth and maturity. I'm excited to see what it will turn into, and I hope my art continues to evolve and change throughout my entire career. I feel fortunate that I've been painting enough to even move into a (slightly) new phase. It shows I've been working.

I don't intend to go all wacky-experimental on you, but ya never know. I'm wily.