Tonight . 24x30 . 2007

1. artificial lighting
2. uv and artificial lighting combined
3. uv lighting only
4. no light (glow)

I made this painting for two of my best friends, Ryan and Lisa, who got married on July 22nd, 2007. Yay, Ryan and Lisa!

I wanted to symbolize the arrival of a wonderful night designated for spending time with friends. I have spent many nights around Ryan and Lisa, talking and partying and listening to music. I met Ryan over 6 years ago, and then Lisa a while after, though they didn't become a couple until even later. Ryan is part of the wonderful group of boys (+ a few ladies) that I inherited as some of my best friends in the whole world after I met Colin.

Ryan and Lisa were (are) a huge part of Immersion too, which I've always been happy about. In fact, Ryan might even be considered "old-school" Immersion, since he attended periodically from the very beginning nearly four years ago. Lisa became one of Immersion's biggest supporters, and seemed to truly understand what we were (are) trying to do. I always appreciated her comments during the Immersion discussions, and felt she had (has) MUCH to offer the rest of us with her intelligence, insight, and passion.

I love them both, and I'm so happy that they're in love and married. The wedding was awesome! Ryan looked dapper as ever and Lisa made a beautiful bride. She reminded me of a 1920's movie star. They had floating candle duckies as centerpieces! And let's not forget the Streetfighter cake toppers! You guys rule. Even through gypsy curses, the sun exploding, demonic possession, and vampirism. (Although I'm not sure about those vows, since Gypsy Curses are so common nowadays...)