Acres of Love

I donate 10% of all money made through art to Acres of Love, an organization that provides "forever homes" for abandoned children in South Africa.

Most of the children are HIV-positive. Many are orphaned because both of their parents have died from AIDS. Some are left on the doorstep of the organization, while others are found in dumpsters and gutters. Acres of Love provides each child with personal attention, love, medication, education, and a life. They give them small family groups to live in and grow in for as long as the child is with us. It's not an orphanage at all. It's a functioning family-like environment for children who would otherwise have nothing. Through Acres of Love, each child is loved, part of a family, and given the best care possible. Children who were born with a short, bleak future now have a family, food, time to sing songs, do art projects, and enjoy a true sense of happiness. They have hope.

Aren't these kids just gorgeous? :o)


(Hannah & Karabo)


If you have ever purchased a painting from me, a donation was made to Acres of Love in your honor.

If you're interested in more information, I encourage you to visit their website and view many pictures and movies of the children and what the awesome people at Acres of Love do each day in South Africa. They contribute more to the world than most of us could ever dream about. I am amazed by their passion, and grateful for their existence.

This is what Love is.