Color Studies!

Actually, it's more than that. I'm really experimenting with various techniques I plan to try out on any given painting. Texture, color, glow, measurements, mixing, drying, blending, UV stuff, everything. Really, I've been doing this forever, but I wasn't completing them before now. Colin always believed I should finish and sign my "practice" canvases, since they were an exact reflection of whatever painting I was doing at the time. I usually like to paint them white and start over.

Here are two I just finished. They echo a few ideas I've been playing around with for this new 36x24 piece I'm working on. It's cool, it's really bright. These two color studies don't entirely represent where the big painting is going at this point, but the next two might. :o)

Because of some new art toys I recently acquired, the glow on these will last for hours. (!) See how the glow image of each piece looks? That will fade over hours instead of minutes. Rad!

Stack 'em on your desk. Or a shelf! A shelf would be cool. The wall works too. Generally.

They are available for purchase in My Etsy Shop. More added always.