Awesome! I'm so excited! Thanks to Elizabeth for sending me pictures. They have great style and I'm honored to be on their wall! :o) Check out that old radio!


I'm going through some creative changes. I'm always interested in forward motion and progression in my life. Authenticity is important to me. What can you be, if not authentic? Even negative authenticity is good, because it's real. Passion, emotion, and upset are all part of the makings of good art. One might say it's the very root of creativity. Apathy does not make art. Apathy has no color.

Even darkness has a color.

Sometimes I think I hold back "myself" in my art. So what if this weird color streak takes away from the rest of the painting? If I felt like making that streak, it's more truly me than if I had kept it inside. (Even if I change it.)

I like taking risks when I start something new. I need to in order to keep it interesting. I try harder when it's interesting.

I just started a red painting and a purple painting. It's exciting to look at them. I have no idea what I'm going to do.