Costume pieces and creature ears.

For all you elves, fairies, goblins, and other foresty woodsy creatures.

Check out Creatures by Chelsea on Etsy!

These are all beautifully made. Each piece is hand sculpted, painted, and detailed. The artist utilizes the same special-effects methods used by Hollywood movies! They look so authentic.

It's the perfect costume! You don't even need to wear anything else. I mean, wear clothes, of course. Please. But you just need your regular clothes. (Because, you're a real creature, you see.) You should see kids' faces when they see you wearing them. They truly, without a doubt, believe those are your ears. I had so much fun walking down the street in them.

Perfect for parties, Renaissance Faire, costume balls, non-costume balls, grocery shopping, going to the beach, picking flowers, going to dinner, concerts, the mall, hanging out with friends, running errands, sitting around the house, scuba di-- okay, maybe not scuba diving.

But for everything else: Perfect! :o)