Cruel Summer . 36x24 . 2007

Well! So. Summer's finally over. It was certainly interesting, if not relaxing. I'm not happy that it's over, I'm just a little bent that it wasn't quite as "summery" as I was going for. Not that I didn't enjoy my share of summer drama. I mean, lots of stuff happened. Lots.

Actually, my summer was very friends oriented. Believe me, I wasn't anticipating that one either. I spent time with friends I've had for years. We discussed our lives, our careers, our futures, our plans (or total lack thereof.) A good friend got married. A good friend died. Another good friend experienced great joy, until it was taken away again. I learned that some friendships weren't as close as I had thought. I even reconnected with friends I knew when I was five!


At one point, when I was lying on the ground with both the animals, struggling to break out of a heat induced coma, it occurred to me that I should turn on the air-conditioning and get to painting again. I had started painting something, but what with all the SUMMER going on around me, I couldn't summon the creativity.

Then I cut my hair all short and sexy. Suddenly, everything came together. Things made sense.

Pink. I needed pink. Hot pink. Hot pink and orange. Hot pink, orange, and electric blue. Yes. That was where the magic was.

Partially because this was a new color combination for me, it took much longer than I anticipated. I love the way I learn how to paint while I'm painting. In this case, I learned some very basic techniques about layering color. For example, there's not a lot you can do to keep yellow and blue from making green. I really believed that I could break this basic law of color. Alas. I stand corrected.

New glow paint! New glow powder! AHHH!!! I am so giddy at my new toys I don't even know what to say. They are just super crazy awesome rad. Look! LOOK AT IT! It stays that way for hours! IN DIFFERENT COLORS! This is all great news, because the stuff is nigh unto impossible to work with.

Hello, October. How are you? You look pretty. It's nice to see you again.

I am so ready for Hawaii.