(2 and a half years later)

You see, we got married there. Naturally, we have quite a spiritual connection with it.

Apparently, I am one of those people that likes humidity. I know this because I feel much healthier when its humid out. I realize some of you desert-crazies will disagree with me and want to go on about the nice, dry heat. But, I've lived in the desert. You're crazy.

I can breathe in Hawaii. Oxygen is an amazing thing. I plan to return with my creativity barometer on FULL. How could I not?

Mark Twain...Letters from Hawaii, 1886
"The Refuge for the Weary"

"We landed at Kailua (Kona), a little collection of native grass houses reposing under coconut trees - the sleepiest, quietest, Sundayest looking place you can imagine. Ye weary ones that are sick of the labor and care, and the bewildered turmoil of the great world, and sigh for a land where ye may fold your tired hands and slumber your lives peacefully away, pack up your carpet sacks and go to Kailua! A week there ought to cure the saddest of you all."

I might post a couple of pictures along the way, although I guarantee I will be having too much fun to do so.

See you on the flip-side.

(In the meantime, if you'd like to contribute and get a great deal on art, I am currently having a Hawaii Sale in my Etsy shop.)