I have a very distinct response from one painting to the next. Almost as if each new painting is some sort of answer to a previous one. Occasionally, when I'm being particularly productive, an entire group of paintings is an answer to something. The yellow-orange I use in one piece seems to directly influence the shades of teal I use in a different one.

I was reading this thing on intuitive painting once, and a lot of it seemed applicable to me. When I was first painting, every painting was intuitive, and I would sit and stare at the canvas after each step before deciding what my next step should be. Nowadays, since I have paintings all around me, the intuition comes out over a broader spectrum. Not that I don't still sit and stare at a painting before I decide what to do next. But now, I have a vague, fuzzy idea of how it will look when it's finished.

Constant exploration, though. I feel like I'm always trying to balance something through my art. I can't explain what that means, exactly, because it's more a feeling than anything else.

Just a feeling. A sway. Flow. Like jazz.