I have paintings I want to post, but of course they're taking longer than I anticipated and I'm kind of going crazy from not getting to show new art. My Etsy shop is looking empty (thanks to all of you around the country who generously purchased my art in the last month) and somehow the lack of new images makes me feel like I'm not working on anything, even though my apartment has been entirely consumed by nearly finished paintings.


It doesn't feel like there's enough time in the day. I do not like less daylight. It feels like it's time for bed at 6pm. Paintings do not dry as well in darkness. Blah.

I'm constantly getting new ideas, new schemes, new things to add to the mix. I need more light! And more arms. I've started painting Zen circles, for fun. For me.

Maybe I'll start coming up with goals or something to discuss at my weekly, semi art-related lunch meetings. Right now our biggest goals seem to involve escaping Orange County.