Isn't that brilliant? They just grow like that all by themselves.

Okay, so a number of years ago I had this idea for a large scale art installation called The Rising Sun which required a group of us to actually put it together (what with all the sweet pea picking, dry-ice managing, fabric hanging, carpet taping, music writing, essential-oil dousing, fire hazard making, holiday-forfeiting madness.) It was amazing. We were fortunate that after all that work, at least a thousand people experienced it. There's no possible way I can even begin to explain to you what The Rising Sun was, so you're just going to have to believe me when I say it was awesome. If you were there to experience it, you know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, it's really a shame. Maybe we'll do something like it again one day.

Anyway, my point: One of the blossoming orange trees that existed in "the garden room" of The Rising Sun was adopted by Becky, who watched over it until Colin and I got married, and then ultimately gifted us with it when we moved into our new apartment.

We have tried our darnedest to love the tree, and I think our work must be paying off a bit. The first year we had it, it produced one orange. Last year, it made two. This year, we have 3, count em THREE, beautiful beautiful oranges.

I know, you're impressed. We are quite happy with this achievement ourselves. :o)