Santa is REAL!

Fact: Rain is wet.

That, mixed with the terrible construction of the cheap, drafty apartment I live in is likely to blame for my paintings refusing to dry properly this week.

Obvious solutions and why they don't work: Hair dryer (blows the paint around,) sunlight (works beautifully in July,) ovens (pesky fires,) heat lamps (first degree burns,) wind tunnels (same problem as hair dryers,) and heaters (too, um, hot.)

I did actually blast the central heat to like 85 yesterday and strip down to my summer clothes with an ice cold glass of water, but ultimately that seemed sort of silly for December 20th, so.

Enter my good friend Dan, whom most of us now consider a type of caped crusader anyway, but that's because he patrols the streets all day in his caped crusader costume and keeps local neighborhoods from falling peril to overgrown shrubs, vicious overgrown dogs, and bad meter reading.

After explaining my situation to him and discussing possible solutions, he made some phone calls, jumped into his Danmobile, sped off to Ace Hardware, and then drove an extra 20 minutes out to me to hand deliver a dehumidifier for Christmas. !!!

Wow. Yay, Dan!

I'm already testing it out. Nothing to report yet, but I'm convinced this will revolutionize my entire world.