Procrastination. Bad.

Normally, Wednesdays are for working and being productive.

Instead, today I decided to send off my first contest submission of the year, only to discover that my slides were not where I had intentionally put them, and had in fact, mysteriously vanished into thin air. As in, poof. Gone. I came to this realization after removing every drawer from the dresser, as well as the entire contents of every drawer, which I distributed all over the bed. I further checked the clothes drawers, the bathroom drawers, the kitchen drawers, Colin's closet, and uncovered every single surface in the house, including between the couch cushions, just in case one of the animals was playing some sort of mind game with me.


Although, I have not checked the water heater closet on the patio.

Meanwhile, in my downward spiral of panic and despair, I accidentally kicked over the 4 foot long blacklight fixture that was leaning against the wall next to my in-process paintings. So, instead of continuing to wallow and fret over my slides, I had to clean up the millions of tiny pieces of black glass that had exploded all over the entire front half of my apartment. This resulted in further confusion and upset from the animals, since I had to ban them from the affected area in addition to bringing out the terrifying horror that is the Vacuum Monster.

Getting them to fess up now is unlikely.

Instead, I'll be paying 20 bucks for overnight shipping in order to get new slides in time to mail off my submission before the January 15th postmark deadline.

I might want to throw a few organizational skills into my 2008 goals and plans.