Barometer Art

Because of how I dry my art, I am very in tune with the weather, and have to alter my painting schedule around it. I can tell if there's more or less humidity in the air by how quickly the paint dries. I wonder if other artists do this? They must. I already know that paintings dry *much faster* in the summer heat. I try to take advantage of this while it lasts and I usually have many more paintings in process during summer. Winter isn't as helpful. I spend a lot of time standing over them, willing them to dry faster.

It has its benefits though. I generally stand there and contemplate what I want to do next, and get a feel for where I'm going with it. Otherwise, I might throw some weird color down that I decide after the fact was a huge mistake. Contemplation is good. Who knew watching paint dry could be so meditative? At least it gives me time to hula hoop.

Fortunately, it's been warmer lately. Almost spring-like, even.

Barf in the Lake is just about done. Seriously. No, I will not keep that title.