Contrary to what I have previously complained about regarding how I dry my art, I need the inside of my apartment to contain more humidity. I cannot breathe in dry air.

(Hey, Mom, was I actually breathing during those few years we lived in the desert? Did you check? Because I don't see how it was possible.)

I have decided that breathing will only enhance my ability to work, thereby increasing production automatically. So, short of moving to Hawaii earlier than planned (believe you me, that is a consideration) I have decided to humidify my life the old-fashioned way, with high-tech humidifiers.

After a week of frustration dealing with ones that only threatened to work, Amazon has kindly supplied me with a new one that I adore.

Get this: It has built-in LED lights that make a totally rad pattern on the ceiling! How perfect is that, I ask you?

It's so cool at night that it prompted me to declare to Colin the next morning that we had just slept "in The Odyssey." I'm not exactly sure what that meant (although I am reading The Odyssey) but I was convinced of this.