I've been working hard again. March has become a month of in-process paintings.

Spring is almost here, although since I live in Southern California, I guess it might already be here. (Minus the random, rainy, cold days that fool you into thinking that Spring is not here.) I love spring, it's very inspiring. Buds are growing on the trees that surround my apartment and balcony. My beloved orange tree is blossoming, which is just the most glorious thing ever when I'm painting on the balcony. I often wonder what my neighbors must think of me when they see me out there. There's that crazy artist girl again, throwing paint around on her balcony.

Oh right, so I've been able to paint on the balcony again, because of the sunshine and warmth. :o) This makes me happy. Of course, now it officially makes sense for Colin and I to clean the balcony, and remove all the dead leaves that accumulated during Winter.

My goal right now is to keep my head down and work really hard, because my secondary goals are going to require a lot of paintings.

Everything in the world should glow.