Drying Out

Sometimes, it's good to have (or do) less than more.

For instance, a beer diet isn't going to benefit my muscles that are actually starting to tone up. Neither is Los Primos, the most delicious and addictive Mexican food I've ever had. (Authentico!) Unfortunately, we just recently discovered the mini tacos. D'oh.

Having internet issues (because of a possibly faulty wireless card in my otherwise smooth running Macbook) is a problem of a different kind. I'm not ready to accept less computer time. So, it's being forced upon me. I understand conceptually why it's a good thing, but I'm not quite ready to accept defeat and walk into the Apple store to hand over my trusty laptop friend. (Okay, fine, I guess I can use Colin's computer in the meantime...)

But, alas, it will force me into doing other things, things away from the computer. ::gasp::

Oh right, like painting!! (For instance...)

I'm gonna finish this one up today. If all goes well, I'll list it in my shop tonight.