Extra Spicy

Ah, wind. Blowing around and throwing bits of earth into my art. It's fitting, really. I love to use elements of what exists around me in my paintings. Candle wax, beach sand.... etc. Obviously in Spring, when I'm painting outside, this would include seeds and pollen and probably a few bee footprints.

I don't mind so much. My friend and mentor Ray Friesz had bits of life in his art as well. It's a hazard of painting outside, I guess, but it's really only a hazard depending on how you look at it. I like that little tiny parts of the tree outside get forever commemorated in any of my various paintings. The tree lives here, so it's a perfect reflection of my life at any given moment.

In a way, it's beautiful. I want my art to be affected by the changing of the light, the seasons, the environment, the chaos of life that cannot be controlled or predicted. It's supposed to be that way. It's my fingerprint.