Prismatic Light


The sun was so bright today and came through the windows so strongly that I was able to take a fantastic image of this new painting. It was particularly fantastic because I also used a new toy I found recently: a super high-gloss varnish that is oh so liquid-y and shiny. Apparently it's extremely reflective in natural light.

I was really obsessed with using bright, primary colors on this painting, like I was taking each one out of a box of crayons.

It's called Prismatic. (Check out my Etsy shop to see it in under UV light.)

Totally unrelated, although I'm tripping on it at the moment: We have a crystal hanging in the window that our friend Alice gave to us before she died. (She made them for everybody, and I think everyone who knew her now associates rainbows with Alice.) Every year, when the angle of the sun is just right, the crystal shoots out rainbow streaks across all the walls of our apartment. It's been happening lately, and I just realized this year that it always starts in April, which happens to be the month that Alice died, 3 years ago.

I'm tripping because, although I hadn't intended the painting to coincide, I have felt an overwhelming urge to paint a rainbow lately. It just needed to be those colors. Bright, primary, rainbowy colors.

Hey Alice.