Water & ... water.

Have I ever mentioned that my apartment tilts? All in one direction, down towards the balcony.

For someone who works in puddles of wet paint, this can get tricky.

I have come up with some very inventive ways to mitigate this, namely the use of river rocks and twigs placed underneath my paintings to balance. This works for the most part, although when you include the chaos factor of weird texture and canvas size, I have to keep an extra careful eye as to which direction the paint wants to flow off the sides of the painting.

An added benefit/problem is, not only does Meat appreciate art, he also loves to play with river rocks. He bats them around all over the place. He doesn't touch the cute little fuzzy catnip filled mice we buy him. RIVER ROCKS, however, provide endless entertainment for a cat. [??]

Also: Yay, pink paint!!

Today I will finish a (non-pink) smaller painting, and list it (fingers crossed) tomorrow.