Float . 9x12 inches . 2008

(Ingredients: acrylic, small amount of ground glass, varnish, phosphorescent pigment, water & light.)

Float, available now on Etsy.

One of the things I tell myself whenever I'm feeling stressed or frazzled is to "just float." I'm sure it's the imagery of that phrase that means anything to me: The idea of floating above the stress, floating through a situation... It helps me feel more separate from it, which in turn gives me the perspective to handle it.

When we were in Hawaii the last time, we spent an afternoon in the water at the best snorkeling spot on The Big Island. We couldn't make ourselves leave, despite the sunburns on our backs and practically drowning from exhaustion. It was so peaceful and serene, just floating above the turtles, watching them, unable to break from this strange trance that came over us, as though we couldn't be moved from the spot. We were alone there, the 2 of us, with at least 5 different turtles. They watched us back, and we all remained, floating in the clear, perfectly turquoise water.

We'd probably still be there now, if we didn't have a date with 2 needles and some tribal ink shortly after that experience.