glow, baby, glow

Just listed on Etsy:

Fun little color study. :o)

This one is "purple & gold," which might seem confusing since there are clearly other colors involved, but, you see, it was the purple and gold that I was learning about. That, and how this particular UV pigment works. I think I was studying "antique" rather than a particular color.

Anyway, this was made with the strongest glow pigment available. That picture was not even taken with all the lights off. I could have taken it with the lights off, but I wanted to show you how well it glows even with the lights on!! Supposedly it glows for over 12 hours straight, although I don't even know how I would test this, since it's not even dark out for 12 hours.

You know what that means, right? That means that it should still be glowing by the time the sun comes up, so it should never *not* be light reactive! Hee...

Who needs fireflies? [hey, that gives me an idea for something...]