I also do cakes


Heh! I am so happy that Colin was born! :oD He turned 27 yesterday. (awwwww.....) I thought he deserved a cake. Not chocolate, because the poor kid is allergic. So sad.

By the way, I really love cracking eggs. It's thrilling. So is black frosting.

Mmmm cake.

In other birthday news, today is my 1 year Etsy anniversary! :oD Thanks for a great year of a semi-empty storefront and not having enough paintings to hang in the coffee house because I sold them already. Etsy, you rock.

To celebrate, everything (everything, everything, everything) is 25% off. Everything. I'm holding the sale until June 1st, because June is a wonderful month. Its very inspiring to me. I love June.

I will be adding new paintings throughout the next few weeks, and I will list them all at 25% off what their full June price will be. Go there. Celebrate with me. ;o)