One Year Anniversary Sale

I've been sort of busy since last week, and I guess I just tagged this on at the end of my blog about Colin's birthday, so in case you missed it the first time:


(Graphic Artists are so handy to have around. I highly recommend acquiring one of your own.)

In honor of my One Year of selling on Etsy, I am having a 25% off sale. That's 25% off every single painting that's listed, including the giganto ones. I'm listing more as I finish them. IF you feel inclined to take advantage of the discount on the large paintings (16x20 or over) and you happen to be local, I would be completely fine with waving the shipping cost and hand delivering the painting myself. I'll consider "Orange County" as local, but if you're in LA or San Diego, we can discuss a compromise. :oD Feel free to email me (or "convo" me if you're an Etsy person.)

Otherwise, I am totally going to sell everything at some of my upcoming shows this year. ;o)