It's here.


I used to think I was one of those people that adored winter, and rain, and coldness.

Totally wrong.

(plumeria shadow on my balcony)

June has a unique color. I think it's green. I have a swirling head of sunshine and trees and fireflies and moonlight. Colin said to me today, "It's June! Your favorite painting month." For at least 3 years now, I have felt incredibly inspired and creative in June. I have ended up keeping the large scale paintings I was working on during the previous 2 Junes. Well, the last one, Colin forbid me to sell. But, I completely agree with him.

I love you, June.

It's been a pretty great week. I have awesome collectors. I get giddy when people share in my enthusiasm. I'm enthusiastic about my art, because I love doing it, and whenever I finish a painting, I feel like I'm 5 years old and I just colored the COOLEST page in the My Little Pony coloring book EVER.