10 years of Love

I am so honored to have received this book. Acres of Love is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and commemorated the occasion with this amazing book about what they do every day in South Africa. Thanks so much to everyone at Acres!

Please take a moment to enjoy this with me. :o)

"South Africa has been referred to as the "rainbow nation," a title reflecting the country's highly diverse population and culture. The hand-woven, beaded spine of this brochure was created by a South African Zulu artisan to represent that diversity and the bright spirit of its people."

This is pretty intense:

Some of the gorgeous and amazing pages in the book:

INCREDIBLE: Read about the miracle story of Kitty, "...the only person in the world known to have survived both cancer and HIV." (click the image to enlarge text.)

I'm not just saying this, I really do believe that the kids at Acres of Love are the most beautiful I've ever seen. :o)

Aww. Cutie.

As you're probably already aware, I'm in complete love with this organization. I feel so fortunate to have been told about them, and donating 10% of my art sales to them is one of the happiest things I do in my life. I'm just thrilled to be a part of something so incredibly profound.

I strongly encourage you to check out their website at Acres of Love to learn more about them. They create miracles every day.