I am a Sand Artist

(actually, Colin created that turtle for me.) :o)

So last week I submitted my work to someone in NY who was writing an article about Sand Artists. I even told her in my email that I didn't think I was exactly what she meant, but that I did use sand in my art, so I was submitting just in case.

Turns out, she liked my art and immediately sent me more information, and 8 interview questions about why I do what I do. This was very interesting for me. I hadn't thought of myself as a sand artist exactly, even though I use sand in almost all of my paintings. Answering these questions helped me recognize that I use sand very purposefully, and even emotionally in my art. Here's one of my answers:

"Part of the thrill I get in each painting is allowing the chaos factor of working with water, paint, and sand to alter how the paintings look. Sand is very absorbent. The paint sinks into the sand as the sea does into the shore. I try not to stop this process too much, because I enjoy allowing the sand to affect the paint the way it naturally wants to. I want the texture and feel of the painting to fully represent all the unique aspects of real sand."


Oh, and I just found out (like 10 minutes ago) that I have a really really really super amazing crazy exciting wonderful SPECTACULAR event happening in the future (November, actually) that I can't WAIT to tell you more about. It's really that terrific, and really does require all those adjectives. I'm talking, next-level. Really. I'm going to keep saying "really." It's that good.