Namesakes and leather

Okay, backstory: So I bought this awesome wallet for Colin at Christmas from my friend Arlene at Sewlutions by AMO, and it was so awesome! Soft and sturdy and wonderful. Handmade leather stuff!! (Sorry, Vegans.)

She and I got to talkin' and yada yada yada, she liked my name(s) so much, she wanted to use them on products, and of course I thought that was completely rad. :oD

Today she emailed me to let me know that she'd created another totally awesome handmade leather product (sorry again vegans) that used my name! (!!!)

Introducing, The Maddox:

It comes in a couple different colors, and she might add more colors too. So cool. Ahh... all those times I made Colin carry my IDs and stuff because my outfit didn't have pockets and I refused to carry a purse.... I think I'm gonna have to get one of these. I mean, it's called THE MADDOX!

Oh, and there's a Shayla in the works at some point too. Huzzah!