Not Exactly Tropical

But not exactly not...

These pink clouds were floating by directly overhead. Wispy and pink, they were.

...and despite not taking very good care of my 2nd plumeria tree on the balcony, it's proving its worth anyway. I love plumeria. They're really just the best flower in the whole world.

It was weird out today, cloudy and humid. I loved it. I guess I would prefer it to be sunny and humid, but that never really happens in Southern California.

I've been very peaceful lately, an interesting contrast to how much work we have before us, how much planning we are doing, and how out-of-our-element we've been feeling. I don't know why, exactly, but maybe it's because all of this work is going to benefit our long term goals in a really powerful way. I feel things starting to click. The work and opportunities that are ahead of us seem to be a direct response to our goals, which we've been speaking out loud as much as possible.

I'm such a romantic. It's hard for me not to take things like pink clouds, blooming plumeria, and warm humidity as some sort of encouragement that we're on the right path, a path that will eventually lead us to achieving our life-long quest to move away from this awful place and forge a new life somewhere else, in a place that feels like home.

Oh, cool, the sun just came out.