I did it. I went. I've been to Yogurtland.


Somewhere, in the distance, I can hear Kevin squealing.

I'm not really a frozen yogurt person, or an ice cream person for that matter. I'm not saying I dislike sweet frozen dairy, exactly. I just don't really get the obsession some people have. It's dairy. That's frozen. And sweet. I don't know. People really go nuts over this sh-stuff though, and I've heard many stories of lines out the door. Even today, we had to hover forever behind a group of people who needed to get a little bit of every single flavor available to them, all in one cup. All in one huge, massive, multi-colored frozen yogurt extravaganza.

I got Taro and Green Tea, because why wouldn't I, and a bunch of mixed fruit. I was really more impressed with the fruit selection than anything else. They had fresh berries! Rad. Kiwi and mangoes and strawberries and blueberries and blackberries and ahhhhh! Fruit.

I'll save the fruity pebbles and lucky charms for you crazy fruitnuts out there who put cereal on your desserts. (I can judge you, because I haven't tried it.)

Except for the buffet style toppings bar, which brings out my germaphobia and generally freaks me out (I hate buffets) it was pretty good experience. I even promised Colin I would take him.

So there.