New Art! (Finally) :o)

Raindrop and Somewhere.

I hadn't technically meant for these to go so well together (raindrops and rainbows) but I often realize (after the fact) that everything I'm painting at any given time is connected to each other.

At the moment I'm writing this, Raindrop is sitting flat on top of my workbench, and from this angle, it really looks like water rippling out away from a water drop. It's a shame paintings-lying-flat hasn't caught on in a decorative sense yet, but it will certainly look like you captured a water droplet against your wall. :o)

Somewhere was an exploration in technique for me. Whereas many pieces are heavy on jagged, sandy, waxy texture, this one is smooth and flat. It's still very thick, caused by never-ending layers of paint and varnish and glazing, but it's flat. This gives it a cool cloudy, semi-translucent effect, which really brings out the bright primary colors I wanted to showcase. It's very bright, in fact, the UV light just highlights colors already there, kind of like you turned a light on behind it or something. It really seems to glow in broad daylight too.

I'm really, REALLY happy to be getting back into the swing of things, art-wise. :o) I have two more waiting in the wings to be finished: my fuchsia sunburst that I was so excited about in December, and another one that you'll really enjoy if you're a science geek (like me.)