Our New Place

Here's an idea of what we've accomplished in our moving blur over the last month. It finally, truly, actually feels like home.

Iron hanging thing that we inherited from a friend:

Kitchen with sage walls. SAGE, I tell you!



He's my favorite, I am thrilled whenever he visits. He either likes to swoop by my sliding glass doors, or stand on a rock looking majestic. No disrespect to the ducks though. They're just funny. They battle and have duck wars. Also, there are apparently koi in the creek. I didn't think there would be, but I saw one with my own eyes. A lone, beautiful, orange and white koi fishy. There must be more, I doubt he's swimming all by himself. We plan to search for more this weekend.

Oh, and here's the view from the top of the stairs. I'm not making this up:

When we first saw the listing for this place, I thought, "Wow, that's a lot of pictures of the outside they're showing," and now here I am, standing outside on my patio every day, taking pictures of the egret.

This place is awesome. It's entirely idyllic and serene, and it's difficult sometimes to want to do anything other than pretend you're living in a retreat somewhere. It's also very inspiring, and now that I've gotten back to working on my art (!!), it's been highly motivating.

Speaking of which, I will actually have new art listed in my Etsy shop next week! :oD