O Firefly, O Firefly

My whole life I've wanted to see fireflies. I resent all you people out there that live in firefly country. California does not have them. :o( Junebugs yes, but no fireflies. It must be magical. Of course it is. Just look at these pictures:

(click on each image to see it larger and to view the flickr page of the lucky lucky photographer who was there to capture the moment.)

Sooooo jealous. They make me so happy. I used to have this dream of "decorating" with fireflies at my wedding, maybe carrying them around in lanterns, or releasing bazillions of them at a romantic moment. Then I realized I don't live near fireflies, and then I got married in a place without them too. [Okay, well, being on a beach in Hawaii definitely makes up for the lack of fireflies.]

So... one of you out there should seriously consider doing that.

And, hopefully, eventually, one day Colin and I will start traveling to All-Over-The-World and I can finally see them for myself.

Pretty little magic bugs. I love you.