I was struck with an idea on how to make ACEOs more like my original paintings (without taking a ridiculous amount of time) and it worked!! :o) I'm happy.

So... these now have beach sand, which is cool. Also, I used heavier phosphorescent pigments, so they will glow brighter than you can believe. Glass too, so they sparkle!

I have 4 more that I'm still working on.

I also have 5 tealish aqua turquoise paintings that are in process. Yes, 5. I'm not quite sure how that happened, I don't normally spread out a color obsession over so many separate pieces at one time. I think it's because I'm almost done with an Orange custom painting that's 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and I needed to color an equal amount of "space" with an opposing paint color.

I think I'm about to start a big, bright, purple painting. Wouldn't that be rad?