We Need To Pray Just To Make It Today

More fun with our new camera!

Oh fine, now he's all shy. When he was smaller and lived on my arugula plant, he was all rebellious and angry and charging me. No, really, he would run up the tallest stem at me, flashing gang signs, makin' all kinds of threats. Jerk. I made Colin take him somewhere far, far away.

But now he's back, and he brought a friend, and the friend lives in our cypress tree, and this guy lives in our plumeria tree and now he runs in the opposite direction because clearly he's a little camera shy in his adult years. Who's chasin' who now, buddy?? Yeah. That's right.

So we have a truce. He doesn't charge me, and in return, I let him stay there and eat bugs. (Which works out nicely, because the truth is, he really scares the crap out of me.)