... and you lose some.

There's nothing I can say to sugar coat this blog entry.

I've written about Gen Kai Japanese Restaurant before:

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It's been my favorite restaurant for about, oh, 15 years. The sushi there is impeccable. I enjoy its authenticity. There are so many Americanized sushi places out there nowadays, and so far I've found nothing that compares.


There was a fire this past weekend, and it destroyed much of the interior of the restaurant. The structure is still standing, and they hope to rebuild eventually. My heart just broke when I found out. We've developed personal relationships with many members of the staff, and I can't imagine how awful they must be feeling. It's just soul crushing to think about. If Jun-san and Irene-san happen to be reading this, know that we are thinking about you.

As for me, though I have suffered a personal loss in this experience, it's hard for me to feel as though my situation compares. It's sad all around. Either way, restaurants can be rebuilt, paintings can be remade. No lives were lost. In the end, it's all just stuff. As we used to say in the old Immersion days, it's about The Journey.

Even if it's painful to look at. :o(