Moonlight Mood . 8x10 . 2009

1. natural lighting
2. artificial/interior lighting
3. combined uv and artificial lighting
4. uv lighting only
5. no light (glow in the dark)

Ingredients: acrylic, beach sand, crushed glass, phosphorescent pigments, varnish, water & light on canvas.

Moonlight Mood is a Glenn Miller song. :o)

I don't know what it is about this painting that reminds me of a 1940's nightclub, but I seriously feel like mixing up a highball and swingin' the night away to a large orchestra. Hence, its title.

I should also note the the texture on this piece is so thick and texturey, it sticks up nearly half in inch away from the canvas. In some ways, it's more like sculpture. Or, as Colin put it, "an acrylic meteor."


Moonlight Mood is available in my Etsy shop