Sunset Rhapsody . 12x16 inches . 2009

1. natural light (tree shadows included)
2. artificial light
3. artificial light + blacklight = magic
4. uv/blacklight only
5. no light! no light i say! it glows in the dark!

And it's color changing! :oO

Okay, so that's not exactly new for me, but it's still awesome, and this one changes into a rainbow of colors. Sweet. I love my glow pigments.

Actually, I really wanted this piece to highlight all my Light Reactive techniques, so that each image would look very different from the next. I think it worked out pretty well. :oD The only difficulty I had was taking pictures of it in natural light. There are so many trees around where I live and the early December sun is at such an angle that it was virtually impossible to find a spot in my house that didn't have shadows from the trees. Personally, I thought that looked kind of rad, but I didn't want anyone to think that the huge dark patches were part of the painting itself. Fortunately, I managed to get one shot where the shadows were minimal.

Sunlight is cool. It's alive. ;o)

Sunset Rhapsody is available in my Etsy shop.