[This new blog begins today. Everything from the last 3 years has been transferred over.]

I don't know what it is that holds me back from blogging. It has to be something. I have the time. I have the interest. Well, I'm interested in the concept of blogging, and I'm interested in the fact that other people I know have the capacity to blog regularly. Whenever I sit down to actually blog any of the millions of random things floating around in my brain at any given time, I freeze up and forget what I wanted to say in the first place, assuming I don't suddenly feel completely and utterly bored with it, bored with myself. I think I find myself uninteresting. This of course makes me fear that others will find me just as uninteresting, and that makes me shut down blogger and check to see if Twitter has been updated in the last 10 seconds with anything that is interesting.

Welcome to my introversion.

But, this mentality totally conflicts with a couple of things.

1.) I want to be BOLDER in my life. I've been saying I want to be less bashful in my 30s than I have been in my 20s. I have exactly 43 days to figure out what that means and how to do that.

2.) I want to regroup and retool my business, my art career, and my public/online presence relating to those things. I want to do that yesterday, so I'm kind of behind in figuring out how to do that.

We are in process here. Can you feel it?? Can you feel THE PROCESS?!

Oh wait, you don't even know this new blog exists yet. Well, HA. hahahahhaa. A secret. Something that you don't know. Unless you google my name. Then you might. Okay maybe "secret" isn't the right word. I just wanted to feel special about something. And maybe "new blog" isn't the right term either, since it's the same blog, with the same stuff, except for this post you may or may not be reading now. But LOOK! MY NAME!! In the URL!! :oO