The Big Island Chronicles - Honu

I'm not sure there's anything more calming in Hawaii than floating above a turtle, occasionally making eye contact with it as it moves ever-so-slowly along the sea floor. At one point, the turtle in question reached out and grabbed some coral (I wasn't even aware that they had grabbing abilities) and swung himself around to look at us. He wasn't upset we were there, as far as I could tell. It was more like he turned around to say "Hey. Howzit? I'm just gonna hang here a sec, cool? How are you? How you doin'? Having a nice day? It's a little choppy out here I guess, if you're not used to it. ... Well, anyway, I should be heading out. There's some good kine coral out over there. I guess I'll see you guys later." And then he swam away.

Okay that might not have been exactly what he was thinking, but that's what I'm going with.

I didn't get as close to the turtles as these pictures might lead you to believe, but I did have a really great camera and a telephoto lens. :o) I sat near them for awhile, and they could hear the sound of the shutter, and would slowly open an eye to see what I was doing. Once assured that I was just another tourist, they shut their eyes again and went back to napping.

Personally, I would never question a turtle.