Hush . 8x10 inches . 2010

This was sort of an accompanying piece to Whisper. (not as a set, just in how my mind worked while painting them.)

1. natural lighting (near a sunny window)
2. artificial lighting (regular interior lighting)
3. combined uv and artificial lighting
4. uv lighting only (with a black light)
5. no light (glow in the dark)

I loooove the way it glows in the dark. :o)

I began this piece with the idea of wanting to paint "blacklight colors" in regular lighting, which in my mind meant a lovely, bright, bluish purple.

It was clearly about the moon itself, so I decided to let it stand alone, without any stars or background noise cluttering the view. Like Whisper, I was practicing the art of simplicity with this painting, wanting to keep the single, solitary circle above water the only focus.

There is a bit of crushed glass around the moon, so it does sparkle when you move past it, kind of like the moment when evening stars first begin shining in the sky. But when the lights go out, there's nothing but the full, glowing moon on the horizon.

Totally coincidentally, last night's moon was full and bright and almost blinding to look at. I watched it out my bedroom window for awhile. No stars. Just a huge, majestic, quiet moon.

Hush is now available in my Etsy shop.