More from Scott & Mary - Floataway Studios

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I have a crush on Floataway Studios. Scott and Mary are awesome. I'm really impressed with them. Not just their talents behind the camera, but the way they run their business, and how they're defining a new generation of wedding photographers. Together, they don't just offer an incredible service, they're downright inspiring to be around.

Look at this awesome book they sent us! LOOK!!

....Sigh. I can't gush enough over how happy I am with all these images. Colin and I went from having no recent pictures of us together and being in love, to now having so many incredible ones that I'm not gonna be able to choose which ones to print! I love them all.

Today, their website is officially LIVE. Check it out!
Floataway Studios

Scott and Mary, congratulations on your new business. You have such a bright future. I feel fortunate to know you. We wish you much success.

For anyone out there looking for photography services, I cannot recommend Floataway Studios enough. If you want to capture your love and relationship in a way you will cherish for the rest of your life, consider Scott and Mary. They are THE BEST. :o)